B&R Qualified Partner Program

AMET is in the B&R Qualified Partner Program
Qualified Partner Program

The B&R Qualified Partner Program is a network of system integrators and engineering companies with proven experience in the industrial field and in the use of B&R technology. The objective of the qualification program is to create a long-term partnership through a close synergy for market support. The Qualified Partner Program has the aim of systematically satisfying the demand for qualified partners from machine manufacturers and the manufacturing industry, putting them in direct contact through a platform that gathers system integrators who have been collaborating with B&R for years. Regular training courses and annual recertification, as well as intensive exchange with regional B&R subsidiaries and dedicated technical support, ensure a high level of competence and reliability in the implementation of projects to end customers.
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Hardware-in-the-Loop test benches for embedded ECUs testing and validation
Application examples include:
  • Electric Vehicle Management Unit
  • Hybrid Diesel-Electric Vehicle Management Unit

Fatigue Test Benches

Vehicle closures fatigue test benches for passenger cars and commercial vehicles side doors, hoods, trunk lids and rear doors

Lifecycle: programmable cycle number and parameters

Climate room -40 up to 90°C up to 90 RH

Vehicle parts lifecycle test benches, e.g. interiors

Vehicle closures closing force measurement test bench

Gear stick gaiter

Lifecycle: programmable number of cycles and parameters

Usable in climatic chamber for test from -40 up to 90°C up with 95% RH

Custom Test Benches

Design and realize test benches on demand, based on specific testing needs.

For aircraft seat secondary structures and ancillary items life cycle testing

  • 4 axis motion control
  • Force and speed control
  • Software openness to allow test sequence customization
  • Easy to use Human Machine Interface
seat fatigue test bench

Driving Simulator

For dynamic studies in advanced research and training

Multiple configurations, including scenarios, traffic, with or without moving platform (hexapod, quadpod)

Possibility of integration with vehicle dynamic models and advanced electronic controllers (e.g. ADAS)

Possibility of integration with virtual reality devices

driving simulator

Seating Buck

For ergonomic studies of new vehicle interiors, from a small city car to a sedan to a commercial vehicle

Independent multi-dofs components:

  • Driver seat
  • Steering wheel
  • Gas pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • Clutch pedal
  • Graphical user interface
  • Users management
  • Coordinates setting
  • Motion control and interference check
  • Integration with virtual reality haptic devices
seating buck